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Recipes & Recollections of My Greek-American Family

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We don't usually review self-published books, but we couldn't resist San Ramon cooking teacher and novelist Elaine Schmitz's "Recipes & Recollections of My Greek-American Family" (Pharos Publishing, 196 pp, $24.95). Schmitz, featured at Draeger's Cooking Schools in Danville, Menlo Park and San Mateo, weaves family memoirs, history and recipes into this lively little book.

    ~ Jackie Burrell, Contra Costa Times

Recipes & Recollections of My Greek-American Family . . .  left my mouth watering for more.  I especially loved the stories behind each dish.  Elaine has a way of making the reader feel a part of her big wonderful Greek family.  But be advised - this is not a book to read on an empty stomach.  Good appetite!”

        ~ Penny Warner, author of Healthy Snacks for Kids and Ladies’ Night: 75 Ways to Party With Your Girlfriends

Recipes & Recollections on My Greek-American Family by Elaine Schmitz is a wonderful expression of love.  Like a Greek Ruth Reichl, Elaine’s intimate cookbook/memoir pays tribute to her family of chefs, her Greek roots, and the treasured recipes from her part.  It is not only a recipe collection but also a valuable memoir of 20th century Greek-American life.  For her labor of love, we owe Elaine Schmitz a debt of gratitude. ‘Das ehontes, das diados allelies’ (‘Those who bear the torch, pass it to others.’)”

        ~ Elaine Gavalos, author of Secrets of Fat-Free Greek Cooking (

Elaine Schmitz’s Recipes and Recollections of My Greek American Family is a warm and charming account of the generations of Greek Americans that informed the author’s childhood and adult life. Tracing her roots back on both sides to the “old country,” Elaine recounts how her grandmothers, aunts, uncles, mother, and father infused her sense of food and family. Filled with traditional and updated recipes, Elaine brings people, places, and food alive, all around a big Greek table.

Kathleen Taggart – Director, Draeger’s HOME and Cooking School

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Recipes & Recollections of My Greek-American Family

by Elaine Schmitz

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